Treat Your Customers Like Influencers

Drive business by being your customers' biggest fan.

Christina Garnett
5 min readAug 25


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There will always be trends to jump on and new tricks to consider for your business, but customer relationships will always hold the key to sustainable growth and success. I have witnessed the transformative power of bridging the gap between traditional customer management and the influencer-driven era: treating customers like businesses treat influencers.

In times of feast, it’s tempting for businesses to spend tons of money on campaigns that appear like nothing more than vanity, but in times of famine, you figure out how good the work really is. How loyal your customer base is and just how deep and impenetrable your business moat is.

The truth is, your customers are your moat. The deeper their connection with you, the deeper the moat. The more they care about you, the more they will defend you against competitors and naysayers. They hold the power of your success and yet so many brands ignore and forget them until it’s time to renew again. Companies only reach out when they want something new.

It’s time to care in feast and in famine.

How does this approach benefit a business?

  1. Elevated Customer Retention

Loyal customers can become brand advocates who spread positive word-of-mouth like influencers. When businesses invest in treating their customers with the same personalized attention, exclusivity, and appreciation given to influencers, they create a sense of belonging and emotional connection. This connection breeds loyalty, reducing churn rates and ensuring customers remain engaged over the long term. Tailored rewards, sneak peeks, and personalized experiences can make customers feel valued, leading to a higher likelihood of repeat business.

2. Increased Revenue Generation

Influencers are known to impact purchasing decisions and drive sales. When customers are treated as valued collaborators, businesses can tap into their potential as influential buyers. By creating mutually beneficial customer relationships and exclusive offers, brands can empower customers to become active advocates who make purchases and encourage others to do the same…



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