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Is Facebook too big to fail or can it only be defeated by itself?

Facebook has a ton of competitors, haters, enemies, and more but it seems with each passing day that Facebook’s biggest problem is itself. With both pretty important guys named Chris leaving, it’s hard to ignore the employees who keep heading toward the exit.

With each scandal — looming issues over moderation, social media companies scrambling to get rid of live horrific coverage, and more fear of data usage, it makes you wonder… can Facebook be stopped? When will enough be enough? Will it ever completely implode?

The biggest problems that Facebook has ever faced are self-inflicted. Legions leave, abandoning a once coveted position eager to restore credibility in the tech world where more and more casual users are reminded daily by the media that social media is an issue.

Social media has turned us into a smaller world, capable of reaching out to anyone with an internet connection but we’re still human and some of us only show the darkness that it can empower.

My question to you is can Facebook be saved? Could regulations “fix” these issues or are we waiting to see how far Facebook will go, wondering if it will be the answer to its own demise?

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Digital Marketing Strategist | Social Listening Analyst | Featured in The Startup, Better Marketing, and Digital Vault, and The Next Web | In The Trenches

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