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Dreaming bigger with zero time

Growing up in Statesville, NC I remember always be conscious of my ache to escape. I was not a townie. This was not home. This was not where I would land. I rushed to grow up and leave. I dreamed of a bigger and better world. That ache remains.

I remember seeing all the hot air balloons floating through the sky during the annual festival, dancing across a sky of promise. Let me float, let me land elsewhere.

Once I left, I thought this ache would stop. It hasn’t. The wanderlust continues as does the constant dream of more. Now it just has a different focus — Marketing. That’s why I’m writing to help.

If you’re an entrepreneur you have a common dream for more and better. Your marketing efforts should work in tandem with your other efforts to reach your goals.

Take time to truly understand your business. Who is your audience? What problem do you solve? How are you different? Where can you win?
You would be surprised what you can accomplish when you have a core understand of this and remain true to yourself. There are tons of people telling you the need for authenticity and there’s a reason… it’s true. Sticking true to who you are, what you want to accomplish, and what you can do to help others will get people excited about you, your brand, and thus your business.

Don’t be ashamed of wanting more. Don’t whisper your wants. Scream them into the universe and work to reach your goals. If you want to fly, fly. But it starts with you being honest with yourself. Don’t just dream. Do.

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