How do you build and maintain a community?

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Community is a hot topic right now, so there are questions about how you build a community, but then, as most business and marketing conversations tend to turn, it becomes a question of how to do it at scale.

You first need to understand the why for the community, its members, and how you can empower them for growth and maintenance. You have to get the soil right first.

If starting a community is like gardening, building a community at scale is like maintaining a fan base. …

Building a community through the understanding of human needs.

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After the events of 2020, it’s hard to argue the impact that community can have for brands and individuals. With a global population stuck at home, our ability to connect and communicate has shifted more than it ever has before. Groups of like-minded people have found each other online, on social, and connected with complete strangers.

Remember when our parents warned us not to talk to strangers? Those are now our closest friends.

We want to belong, be seen, and be understood.


We want to belong. We need to belong.

Multiple papers address the need to belong as a key…

How to build a fan army.

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So you want to build an army — a fan army. You want your fans to grow and your share of voice online to increase. Where do you even begin? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is any community.

Community building is an investment. It’s geniunely a long game, so you need to understand that for yourself and any stakeholders, you will need to convince along the way.

Here’s how to start building your community one brick at a time.


It isn’t enough to say you want a community. You need to understand why you want it to…

How to create a human connection in marketing like McDonald's.

There are endless tools that make marketers’ jobs easier. If we want to learn more about our audience, create, test, and schedule content — we are covered. Technology continues to offer a new option on Product Hunt that will answer our latest issue. But can something make us feel human again?

To find out what makes us feel robotic… heartless, we need to look at what is perceived as a bot and what immediately resonates with the audience. Essentially, what do we not want to be seen as, and what is the goal instead?

Characteristics of a Bot

The nameless, the faceless — the…

Congress tries to paint tech CEOs as the bad guys instead of taking responsibility for a struggling country.

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If this week has shown us anything, it’s that Congress can get things done when they really want to. Sadly, the needs of Americans seem never to make it to the top of their to-do list.

We started the week with the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice appointee Amy Coney Barrett. Even with a fiercely divided government, her appointment and confirmation were executed quickly. Proof that even controversial decisions can be made when the election is so close. Time is ticking, and action must be taken.

Today, set the stage for a similar Congressional move. With the election days away…

Why I am leaning in.

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This year is breaking us. It’s turning us into something new.

2020 is disrupting how we work, how we communicate, cope, and fight for tomorrow. With each headline, the stakes feel bigger. It feels like there is more to lose because, for many, there is. There seems to be no perfect path that protects you from the pain of this year.

We can choose to hide. Choose to cry until the tears can no longer fall. Barricaded in our homes and wallow in a sea of pity, resigned to the worst-case scenario. I can’t. I’m…

Escaping What You Love For Your Own Sanity

Go where the notifications can’t find you…

There’s beauty in the places where the signal is weak. Where the notifications can’t find you. Sometimes the only way to unplug is to escape to a place that prevents you from staying connected.

So I escaped. I was blessed enough to walk away and heal. No matter what that looks like to you and what you can financially afford, those pockets of peace are a must now. Close the laptop. Put down the phone. Get lost, if only for a few hours.

We often hear the adage “do what you love,” but there is so much more to consider…

It’s Time To Work On Your Audience Relationships.

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We have all had that first date. Sitting across from each other, hearing them talk endlessly about themselves. There are no questions, no back and forth banter; it’s just an ego show.

You get through the night and are left wondering why you were even there. You were talked at for hours. No reciprocity, no appeal to connect with you emotionally or intellectually. You were just there as a sounding board for their narcissism concert.

That person needs to take a hint…and so do brands.

More and more brands have made social media and digital a regular part of their…

Welcome to the burnout zone.

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It has been the year of extras. The year of noise, boycotts, PR disasters and more. The year of Karens. The year of social media hate. The year of… I’m exhausted.

At the helm is the social media professional, reading vitriolic tantrums in 280-character bursts. The professional often regarded as a lowly intern, a volunteer, a teen with a smartphone, is stacked against a torrent of anger, frustration, and whatever announcement their comms team is ready to unleash, breaking the internet and signaling press reports with soundbites, quote cards, and the ubiquitous embedded image to make you, the reader, click.

Want to be a better marketer? Become a better storyteller.

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Fairy tales aren’t just for children and older Disney fans. The modern-day marketer can learn quite a lot when it comes to these timeless stories and the attention they continue to receive. As more and more marketers shift their marketing message to social media channels, there is a lot of content, but not nearly enough stories.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

― Seth Godin

No matter what you do or how big your business is, you have a story to tell. As marketers, you get to be the crafter…

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